Our Ancestors

James Henry and Eliza McCleve Ellsworth Family

Front Row L to R: Mae, James, Eliza, Clarence

Back Row L o R: Diana, William, Sarah, Ernest, Edith



Ray William Ellsworth

Ray as a baby
Ray and his sister Fern
Ray in center
Ray and his fish
Carl, Fern, Ray, Virginia
Upclose of Ray
Ray in 1929



Herbert Alonzo and May Whiting Berry

Herbert & May on their wedding day - October 5, 1905




After Anna May died on September 11, 1955, Herbert Alonzo married Martha Whiting Brown (Anna May's sister) who was widowed. Her husband was Francis Albert Brown "Frank" who had died January 19, 1955.
Frank Brown's brother is Joseph Albert Brown. Joseph Albert is sealed to Elda Whiting Brown, who is a sister to May and Martha.


Lyman Curtis

Lyman Curtis is Julia Virginia Curtis's grandfather
The last house Lyman Curtis built in Salem - he was living here at the time of his death.
The grave of Lyman Curtis


The sons of Lyman and Charlotte Alvord Curtis

Front Row: Samuel B. Curtis, William Curtis

Back Row: Joseph N. Curtis, Charles G. Curtis



Julia Virginia Curtis/The Killians

Four Generations

Julia Virginia Curtis, Virginia G. Killian, Fern (Ray's sister), Fern's daughter Carol


Handwritten poem by Matilda Cochran to her husband George Killian - 1857

To George Killian 1857

Joy of my soul! Thy smile hath cheered
It's darkest hour of my grief and care,
And when naught else to life endeared,
Won back my spirit from despair.
And now this heart, which like a lute
Unstrung, in silence long hath lain,
Awaked by thee, no longer mute,
Responds to raptures note again.

Fanned by thy love, the dying flame
On Hope's cold shrine, once more doth glow
Brightly as when from heaven it comes
To gild the clouds of earth-born woe.
Oh! how I _____ thee for the love
That cherished ___ ________ may,
And winged my soul to soar above
The ills that gathered round my way.

------------------------------Matilda P. Cochran