Our Royal Lineage

Note: These tables are to follow the line back to the Kings of England and France. Each person is the son or daughter of the person below him or her. To follow the lines, go to www.familysearch.com. Click on "Search for ancestors" and enter in the name of the person on line #2. Then follow the line straight back!

Through the Ellsworth's:

1. Lynn Erwin Ellsworth
2. Ray William Ellsworth
3. Ernest Ellsworth
4. James Henry Ellsworth
5. David Ellsworth
6. Israel Ellsworth
7. Israel Ellsworth (or Haliday)
8. Samuel Ellsworth (Family Search says the father is Joshua Matson)
9. Samuel Ellsworth
10. Josiah Ellsworth
11. Elizabeth Holcombe
12. Thomas Holcombe
13. Anne Courtenay
14. Peter Courtenay
15. Edward Courtenay
16. Edward Courtenay
17. William Courtenay
18. Philip Courtenay
19. Margaret de Bohun
20. Elizabeth Princess of England
21. Edward I "Longshanks" King of England (Reigned 1272-1307)
22. Henry III King of England (Reigned 1216-1272)
23. John "Lackland" King of England (signed Magna Carta 1215) (Reigned 1199-1216)
24. Henry II "Plantagenet" King of England (Reigned 1154-1189)

25. Matilda Empress of Germany
26. Henry I King of England (Reigned 1100-1135)
27. William the Conqueror, King of England (Reigned 1066-1087)

Through the Cluff's:

1. Jamie Smith
2. Rhoda Wilma Knudsen
3. Margie Cluff
4. Hyrum Albert Cluff
5. Moses Cluff
6. David Sr. Cluff Clough
7. William Clough
8. Love Meader
9. Rachel Sias or Cyas
10. Sarah Ann Pittman
11. Ann Roberts
12. William Roberts
13. Thomas Roberts
14. Sir Thomas Roberts
15. Walter Roberts
16. Elizabeth Fremingham
17. James Fremingham
18. Agnes Wingfield
19. Elizabeth Goushill
20. Elizabeth Fitzalan
21. Elizabeth De Bohun
22. William De Bohun
23. Elizabeth Princess of England
24. Edward I "Longshanks" King of England (Reigned 1272-1307)
25. Henry III King of England (Reigned 1216-1272)
26. John "Lackland" King of England (signed Magna Carta 1215) (Reigned 1199-1216)
27. Henry II "Plantagenet" King of England (Reigned 1154-1189)

28. Matilda Empress of Germany
29. Henry I King of England (Reigned 1100-1135)
30. William the Conqueror, King of England (Reigned 1066-1087)

Through the Berry's:

1. Lynn Erwin Ellsworth
2. Effie Nan Berry
3. Herbert Alonzo Berry
4. James Thomas Berry
5. John Williams Berry
6. Jesse Woods Berry
7. Sarah Clack
8. Moses Clack
9. James Clack
10. James Clack
11. Mary Spencer
12. William Spencer
13. Mary Gostwick
14. Anne Wentworth
15. John Wentworth
16. Elizabeth Heyden
17. Anne Drury
18. William Drury
19. Anne Calthorp
20. Elizabeth Stapleton
21. Catherine de la Pole
22. Thomas de la Pole
23. Catherine Stafford
24. Hugh Stafford
25. Margaret de Audley
26. Margaret de Clare
27. Joan "of Acre" Princess of England
28. Edward I "Longshanks" King of England (Reigned 1272-1307)
29. Henry III King of England (Reigned 1216-1272)
30. John "Lackland" King of England (signed Magna Carta 1215) (Reigned 1199-1216)
31. Henry II "Plantagenet" King of England (Reigned 1154-1189)

32. Matilda Empress of Germany
33. Henry I King of England (Reigned 1100-1135)
34. William the Conqueror, King of England (Reigned 1066-1087)

To the Kings of France:

1. Lynn Erwin Ellsworth (b. 1936)
2. Ray William Ellsworth (b. 1907)
3. Ernest Ellsworth (b. 1875)
4. James Henry Ellsworth (b. 1835)
5. David Ellsworth (b. 1809)
6. Prudence Stevens (b. 1787)
7. Anna Martin (b. 1762)
8. Masher Martin (b. 1735)
9. Mannassah Martin (b. 1706)
10. Debrah Cole (b. 1682)
11. Hugh Cole (b. 1658)
12. Mary Foxwell (b. 1635)
13. Anne Shelley (b. 1612)
14. Robert Shelley (b. 1586)
15. John Shelley (b. 1527)
16. Mary Fitzwilliam (b.
17. Maud Mildred Sackville
18. Richard Sackville
19. Katherine Brown
20. Eleanor Fitzalan (De Arundel)
21. Thomas Fitzalan (De Arundel)
22. John Arundel
23. John Fitzalan (Arundel)
24. Eleanor Plantagenet
25. Henry Plantagenet
26. Blanche D'Artois
27. Robert I Count of Artois
28. *Louis VIII King of France (1223-1226)
29. *Philippe Auguste (Philip II) King of France (Reigned 1180-1223)
30. *Louis VII King of France (Reigned 1137-1180)
31. *Louis VI "The Fat" King of France (Reigned 1108-1137)
32. *Philippe I (Philip I) King of France (Reigned 1060-1108)
33. *Henry I King of France (Reigned 1031-1060)
34. *Robert II "The Pious" King of France (Reigned 996-1031)
35. *Hughes "Capet" King of France (Reigned 987-996)

36. Hughes Magnus, Duke of France
37. *Robert I King of France (Reigned 922-923)
38. Adbelahide (Adelheid) (called Adelaide in historical records)
39. *Louis the Pious (Reigned 814-840)
40. *Charlemagne (Reigned 768-814)

Notes of interest:

*Elizabeth, the Princess of England, Edward I's daughter married Humphrey de Bohun. His lineage can be traced back to several Kings of England and Kings of Scotland including: Duncan I, who was murdered by Lord Macbeth (about whom a playwright named William Shakespeare wrote a play), and Coel "Old King Coel" King of Britain (b. abt 125 AD) (think NURSERY RHYME!)

*Margaret de Bohun, granddaughter of Edward I, was born April 3, 1311 and died December 16, 1391 at the age of 80. Her mother died when she was only 5 years old; her father died when she was 9. She married Hugh de Courtenay when she was only 14, and had her first children (likely twins) when she was only 15 years old! She then was pregnant or had a baby for the next 32 years, giving birth to 18 children roughly once every 2 years!

*Elizabeth Princess of England (through the Ellsworth and Cluff lines) and Joan "of Acre" Princess of England (through the Berry line) were sisters. Joan was 10 years older than Elizabeth.

*Edward I was our closest King ancestor. He was the king of England who fought the Scots and ordered the death of William Wallace. Think Braveheart and Mel Gibson.

*We can trace our lineage back to Charlemagne at least 3 or 4 different ways that I've found so far.

*We come from royalty of many different lands including: England, France, Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Russia, Scotland, Norway, Spain, Wales, Ireland, and Denmark.

Our Salem Witch Ancestors:

While studying the Cluff line on Mom's side, I came across a death date (1693) and place (Salem Jail, Salem, Massachusetts) that piqued my curiosity. Since I had heard about the idea that we were related to someone who was involved in the Salem Witch Trials on Dad's side (Mary Margaret Trask) I had done quite a bit of research on the subject. The trials were in the summer and fall of 1692. Many people, both women and men, were accused of being witches. It started with a few girls who had been acting strangely and gave as the reason for their strange behavior the fact that they were being "bewitched" by members of the community. It turns out that these people who were initially accused were misfits of society or people with whom their parents had had a disagreement. The whole thing just escalated from there. In all, 19 people (I've also seen other figures) were hanged because they would not confess to being involved with Satan as witches. The fervor died down in the end of 1692 and most of the people still in jail were released and pardoned in the spring of 1693. So I was curious about this name. The name is Ann Alcock, married name is Foster. So I looked on many different websites about Ann Foster and sure enough, she was accused, tried, convicted and sentenced to hang. She confessed (as she knew this was the only way to save her life) but remained in prison, where she died in December of 1692 (the familysearch website date says 1693 incorrectly) as a result of poor treatment from the sheriff. Turns out her daughter and granddaughter, Mary Lacey Sr. and Mary Lacey Jr. were also accused and also confessed. We come through all three. Here is the line back to them so you can follow it on familysearch:

1. Jamie Smith
2. Rhoda Wilma Knudsen
3. Margie Cluff
4. Hyrum Albert Cluff
5. Moses Cluff
6. Elizabeth or Betsey Hall
7. Lucy Fowler
8. Lucy Kemp
9. John Kemp
10. John Kemp
11. Mary Lacey (Jr.)
12. Mary Foster (Lacey Sr.)
13. Ann Alcock (Foster)


Ann Foster had two daughters, Mary and Sarah. We come through both because Mary's daughter, Mary Lacey Jr. married Sarah's son Zerubbabel Kemp.

Here are the links to their trial transcripts:

Ann Foster's:


See Case 3.

Mary Lacey Sr. and Mary Lacey Jr.


See Cases 30 & 31.